100 Days to BOLDness- Day 35 Know Thyself on GOOGLE



Who are you on Google? Have you googled yourself recently?

Today, in 100 Days to BOLDness, we want to see how your branding is working for you.  We have spent some time digging in to who you authentically want to be, and spoke of branding yourself with your strategic distinction. Now that you know, do they know?

80-90% of people start their search on the web for the product or service they are looking for.  Google is by far the predominant search engine. MEG- The Market Enhancement Group recently shared this  message with us:

The Zero Moments Of Truth

In 2005 P & G coined the phrase “The First Moment of Truth.” Basically, the “The First Moment of Truth” says you’ve got 3 to 5 seconds to grasp the shopper in the first interaction between a shopper and a product on a store’s shelf — any longer and you’ve lost them.

zero moment of truth 100 days to BOLDness

Google has now coined a new phrase “The Zero Moment of Truth.” What this means is that you have zero seconds to make a first impression on potential home buyers and sellers. You don’t get called. They don’t visit. They already know all about you. They know a lot about the market and specific homes.

For REALTORS® why has the “The Zero Moment of Truth” come about?

  • 72% of all Americans have a smart phone.
  • According to Google: 35% of homebuyers are using their smart phone as an important part of the home buying process.
  • In a similar regard 25% of all Google searches for real estate buyers and sellers are from a mobile device.
  • 25% all buyers and sellers use a mobile device to do neighborhood profiles. (Google)
  • Over 60% homebuyers and sellers Googled one or more REALTORS®.
  • About 90% of all buyers and sellers start the home buying/selling process on the Internet.
  • They spend weeks researching the market before ever contacting a REALTOR.
  • Over half used social media as an important component in the home buying/selling– for Gen X and especially Gen Y the percentages are dramatically higher.
  • Over half all buyers and sellers found their agent on the Internet.
  • Approximately 40% found their home on the Internet.
  • For most homebuyers and sellers agent response time does not meet their expectations. For Gen X and Gen Y the gap between expected and actual response times is even worse. Especially Gen Y homebuyers and sellers, they expect an immediate response.

What does “The Zero Moment of Truth” mean for REALTORS®?

  • Your first opportunity to manage the customer encounter has been trumped by the “Zero Moment of Truth.”
  • By the time they get to you they are highly informed.
    • They know all about you.
    • They’ve researched schools, neighborhoods, life styles, where they can shop, etc.
    • They’ve tweeted “friends” to find out what neighborhoods and maybe even what you are like.
    • They have marched through realtor.com, Yahoo Real Estate, Zillow/Trulia, RedFin, and a host of other sites.

The bottom-line: if you are not making maximum use of the Internet and social media – you are rapidly going the way of the dinosaur and buggy whip.”

Let’s face it, no one wants to be buggy whipped! This message is relevant for other fields as well. What happens when you google yourself?


Google yourself, then google your “targeted keywords” of your brand: luxury, second homes, equine, farms, families, locations, etc. Find out where you are. Set a plan in place to get on Page One of Google.

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