Would you like to S.H.I.N.E? Let me share how!

We have developed a comprehensive and strategic approach to providing you with ALL the resources you need to be the REALTOR® Professional that you want to be!

I have long been committed to enhancing the professionalism of all in our industry!

Kate Lanagan MacGregor S.H.I.N.E.sS.H.I.N.E with me! My mission can be described with S.H.I.N.E.

S= Serve. It all starts with Service. My passion is to serve you, the REALTOR® Professional.

This year, I had the pleasure of serving as the Dean of the Massachusetts Association of Realtors® Leadership Academy.

I am the President of the  REALTOR® Association of Southeastern MA, and serve on many committees for the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®, and the National Association of REALTORS® I believe service is the way to HONOR our Profession.

H= Honor. Honor a Higher Purpose.  This job is difficult. You must have a “why” that drives you to perform at your highest level. I believe Real Estate is not about the houses- it’s about the people we serve.

I= Inspire. My sincerest goal is to inspire you to be the best professional you are. We have initiated a movement… A BOLD DAY Challenge. The BOLD Day Challenge is One Thank You Note per day with a tracking system. We started to simply thank the people who touched us, and what we found is a way of giving an authentic gift, a more positive outlook on life, and a high touch living database to explode your business.

N=Navigate. Agent Rising Real Estate School and Training Center is your source for navigating through your Real Estate Profession.This website has been created to deliver cutting edge tools to pass your Real Estate Exams, and a system to build a sustainable and rewarding business. Take your time to navigate through the numerous tools and layers.  Ask us for help!

E=Elevate. I have been carrying my message to numerous venues. Let’s make this profession awesome! The Women’s Council of Realtors®, Massachusetts Association of Realtors® Conference and Webinars, and Live Streaming are a few of the channels of delivering my message! I have even gone to sales meetings of Real Estate companies. I do not believe in competition- Water in the ocean elevates all boats!

You will often see me with a smile on my face.  I love what I do! Using S.M.I.L.E., learn about how I weave the aspects of my profession together.

s.m.i.l.e with Kate Lanagan MacGregorS= Sales. I believe sales is the highest form of service to helping people get what they want. BOLD Moves Real Estate is going into our 10th year, and our systems and service are an integral part of our community!

M=Marketing. We created a marketing company based on the needs of Realtors® and our peers. Beyond BOLD Media, BBM Pros, creates a strategic and comprehensive approach to marketing. Tools like Matterport 3D Video Tours, Individual Websites,  Reputation Marketing , and Authentic Branding are the most effective tools to marketing!

I=Instruction. We are on the brink of online education, distance learning, and live classroom being available in Massachusetts. Put them together, and you have Agent Rising! As a certified Instructor Training Institute Teacher, CDEI Distance Learner, and Conference Presenter, let me help you! I love being the spark plug that connects theory or book learning to real life! I love instructing Continuing Education; most recently at the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® Conference, and at our local Boards. I invite all local Realtor® Friends to join as I instruct monthly at BOLD Moves Real Estate/ Agent Rising Real Estate School!

L=Leadership. The Realtor® Association 3 Tiered Agreement identifies Local, State, and National Realtor® Involvement. I have been involved on all levels for years, and will continue to serve the Realtor® Profession! The Massachusetts Association of Realtors® Leadership Academy has been enriching as the Dean this year.  On a National Level, we visited San Diego for the National Association of Realtors® for our Data Strategies Committee meeting in November. Big Data is a huge factor in our jobs, and being on a national committee has been amazing.

E=Empowerment. Be the best YOU that you can be! We started 100 Days to the HoliDAZE this summer in preparation of the holiday craziness. One tool we used was a Forever Fit #beawesome workout each morning on Facebook in a closed group at 6 am. We chose #beawesome because we are all awesome when we take time to empower ourselves and be our best… be awesome! As crazy Realtors® juggling it all, that half of ‘me’ time has been transformational for those who join in.  See you at 6 am. for a dose of awesomeness, not perfection!

How can I serve you? Please let me know! Contact me! 508-728-3648.