#beawesome and Periscope with 100 Days to the HoliDAZE

#beawesome! Periscope with us in our 100 Days to the HoliDAZE!

100 Days to the HoliDAZE#beawesome! Be AWESOME! That is our message for 100 Days to the HoliDAZE!

Today, we periscoped our first 6 am workout. There were 141 live viewers this morning, and

it was our maiden voyage into Periscope. LOTS of fun! You can go to Periscope and work out

with us, or you can join us each morning.  The workouts include “Movement, Mindfulness, and Motivation!” Where do you want to be in 100 days (‘the HoliDAZE?’). Where do you want to be in 20 years? Our workouts are for longevity and awakening! Join us! Periscope name is katelanaganmacgregor, twitter name is @katemaclanagan.

Some important takeaways today were:

  • 100 Days is enough time to achieve many things, and start habits on everything.
  • Starting now puts you where you want to be for the HoliDAZE?
  • Be kind to yourself! Progress NOT perfection!
  • What steps lead you to where you want to be?

Download Periscope on your iPhone, iPad, or android store. It is free, and you do not need twitter to use it. Kate Lanagan MacGregor #beawesome

Twitter purchased Periscope before it launched, that’s how cool it is!  I recommend when you name yourself,

use either your name or something close to it!

When you message me during the Periscope, I want to know who to SHOUTOUT to!

Tomorrow, we will talk about some of the many ways to build Periscope into your business.

…. after we #beawesome at 6 am!

Reach out to me with any questions by filling in the contact form on here. Have fun and use the video!



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