Corbett Nye and Kate Lanagan MacGregor

Day 8 of 100 Days to BOLDness! Corbett Nye Inspires!

screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-9-16-19-amInspiration Station! I had the complete pleasure of meeting with Corbett Nye, one of our BOLD  Moves Real Estate Professionals today. Let me tell you, he is something special. He took my Agent Rising Real Estate and Training Center 4 Day Intensive Prelicensing class, was totally prepared each day, and passed the test days later.

He then completed his Bachelor’s at UMass Dartmouth, an Internship with Southern Lights Solar, and now is completing his Drone’s license! This ‘kid’ is on fire!

He will be doing a R.E.D Talk on ‘The Future of Real Estate Professionals’ at the RASEM RED Expo! You will be as blown away as I am!

If you want this kind of energy in your REALTOR, you can reach him at!

Day 7- 100 Days to BOLDness- Chaos in Motion

Justyoubeyou.comINSPIRATION STATION-  By now you may have noticed I missed a few days. Don’t worry! I will make them up, I promise! You see, I have been RUNNING! There have been so many exciting things that I have been working on!

RASEM R.E.D Expo! As chair of the task force, we have so many great surprises!

We are offering R.E.D Talks – a 15-20 high energy cycle of amazing presenters. Would you like to be one? Explore here! BBM will be giving each presenter a marketing bundle with video, photos and audio MP4.  We all need these if we want to share and elevate our peers from onstage!

The Beta test group of Just You Be YOU Authentic Branding ecourse just started! Susan Gorden Ryan and Kevin Thompson are heading this one up! They have added a new layer of coolness and contribution!

Agent Rising Real Estate School just starts from the top of Prelicensing! Remember, we have open enrollment if you think this may be for you! Dawn Vicari Devlin and Marie Greany have been working on all kinds of value adds for you!

Linda Kody and I are getting ready for our All New Seller Agency at MAR Trade Show and Conference. It is going to be simply amazing! We will be representing Agent Rising Constantly Evolving Continuing Education! Go to the Conference for this and MORE!

Please stay tuned~ Pick what is interesting to you and leave the rest!

Be BOLD! Be awesome! Be YOU!


if you can't be fear, just do it scared

Day 6 of 100 Days to BOLDness! Gotta Start Somewhere!

if you can't be fear, just do it scaredInspiration Station:
Let’s face it. We don’t like to look at ourselves. We hate hearing our own voice. We definitely want to avoid video ourselves if we can help it.

What if I told you…

1.8 Million Words~ 

That’s the value of one minute of video, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research.

100 Million

That’s the number of Internet users who watch online video each day.

 by Andrew Follett, the Founder and CEO at Video Brewery


 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.(this is from HubSpot January 13, 2016 By Jesse Miwanny)

But! You c21 Days to Creating you Authentic Brandomplain! I do NOT like how I look, and I cannot bear how I sound! Is this you? Can I offer a solution? Join us at and start a 21 day FREE ecourse to start celebrating you, create your authentic brand, and create a course of action that works for you!

You have NOTHING to lose but shame, fear and uncertainty!

I am sharing one of my first videos from 4 years ago. Progress…. not perfection!

BOLD Moves Real Estate BOLDIES

Day 5 of 100 Days to BOLDness ~ BOLDIES YOU MAKE ME PROUD!

BOLD Moves Real Estate BOLDIESINSPIRATION STATION: It’s Fun Friday! I hope that in all of our busy-ness, we are taking time to appreciate the small things! This morning, I did a bit of video blogging (vlogging) and I thought I would share with you all my thoughts on our BOLDIES~ that would be the BOLD Moves Real Estate Professionals.

So, what is the takeaway? I don’t know… I just wanted to let you know what I say about you all behind your back! Thank you for all of your hard work, for taking part in 100 days to BOLDness, and giving me that ‘moment’!

Love you all!!

Day 4~ 100 Days to BOLDness~ Find AND USE Your Happy Place

kate lanagan macgregor encourages yo to find your happy place!INSPIRATION STATION!~ Find and use your ‘Happy Place”! What is your Happy Place?

What about your “ME” Time? How are you nurturing your soul?


This year has been the year of running! The pace in Real Estate has been frantic, and our

clients have been stressed. It’s a really weird dynamic! What does this mean for us?


If we are not careful, we will chase our tails all day long! It’s time for you to recognize that you want

to craft your life around what YOU want! Most of us got into this profession for freedom, yet we are enslaved!

It’s time that we pause, reflect, then act. That extra reflection can be the difference between enjoying your day and tolerating your day!


ACTION STEP: Life was meant to be enjoyed! You were meant to sparkle! Make sure you take steps to do so…. please feel free to join me at 6 am for

Movement, Mindfulness and Motivation  of our#beawesome workout on Facebook! This has made my body~ and soul~ sparkle again!