Dance BOLDIES Dance!

Day 3~ 100 Days to BOLDness! What Would You Do If You Could Not Fail?

Inspiration Station! Being BOLD means being brave enough to...…

100 Days to BOLDness

Join Kate Lanagan MacGregor of BOLD Moves Real Estate and…
BeBOLD and follow your heart

Day 2~ 100 Days to BOLDness ~ Move One Inch

2~ MOVE ONE INCH! INSPIRATION STATION~ The trim tab on a sail…
new classes

Agent Rising Real Estate School Starting New Classes

Are you ready for a change of career?  Did you always dream…
The MacGregor Family

Anatomy of a Great Day and an Authentic Wedding!

What makes for a great day?  I had the delight of watching…
Kate Lanagan MacGregor Digital Portfolio

BOLD Moves Real Estate Celebrates 10th Year Anniversary

BOLD Moves Real Estate celebrated their 10th Year Anniversary…