Kate Lanagan MacGregor shares 5 tiips in Bay State Realtor

Bay State REALTOR and Five Steps

Kate Lanagan MacGregor shares 5 tiips in Bay State RealtorSo, let me set this up for you. I got a call from Eric Berman, the Director of Communications at Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®.

He wanted me to write some goal setting ideas to bring in the New Year! I was excited to oblige, and I asked if I could expand on this new initiative I have been working on….

2017 – The Year of YOU!

Authentic Branding, a 21 day e-course also titled “Just You Be YOU”. It it we uncovered ‘Authentic You’, ‘Authentic Brand’, and ‘You in Action’ was the first step. We will be relaunching this course in January for those who missed it.

The next step is “RISE AND SHINE” with … me! We are in the midst of sharing what the acronyms stand for. So far we have uncovered a few, and had some contests and input. This has mostly been completed on facebook through Facebook Live. Please visit me on Facebook and join in.

So far, We have:




E ( We had a contest!) Energy, Empower, Early, Expand


N– (This is tomorrow if you want to watch!)  NOURISH

… Don’t want to give the rest away! We will be unpacking the other letters and describing how you can let us help you with “The Year of YOU!”

Since I started promoting this, I have helped many companies with either a One Day Intensive to help select and create their authentic brand or strategic planning sessions for their companies to identify their Strategic Differentiation.  Would you like some help? Reach out to me!

Katerise and shine with kate lanagan macgregor!

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The future is yours to create

Are You “All In”? 10 Quick Questions to Ask Yourself

Are you “All In”?

When I say “all in”, I am referring to working at your profession to your fullest, and working on yourself to become the best professional that you can be.  As a trainer, business owner, and analyst of our industry, there are a few predictors that I watch that indicate  who I believe will thrive through the changes that will likely be happening in our industry.Here are 10 Quick Questions to Ask Yourself, and what they may mean.

  1. Do you attend your company sales meetings or follow up on them if you cannot?
  2. Do you network with local realtors not in your company?
  3. Have you recently gone to any REALTOR® event?
  4. Did you vote in the recent board election?
  5. Do you read your Board or company emails?
  6. Do you use a personal or business email?
  7. Are you working a system of Gratitude Marketing?
  8. Do any of your gratitude marketing efforts reach attorneys, cobrokes, or mortgage professionals?
  9. Are you fluent in zipforms (or the equivalent)?
  10. Do you read industry news, like Inman, Notorious Rob, Realtor.org?
  11. (BONUS) Are you going to your company holiday party?

What do these questions reflect? Engagement, Professionalism and Drive.  This “all-inness” is so difficult to teach. The answers to these questions do predict an agent’s success level, YOUR success level.  Do you want to survive, or thrive? To thrive, I believe you need to check your “all-inness”!

Inman had a survey today called ” How serious are you about your real estate career?” The article that led to the survey spoke of the “D.A.N.G.E.R Report”, which identified part time agents and low entry into the field as problematic to our industry. Listen, our jobs are hard! We are dealing with a person’s most important financial instrument that they have, and we should NOT take this responsibility lightly! Ever!

My goal is to address this “Thrive, not merely survive” mindset in the next few weeks, in preparation of the new year and your goal setting efforts. Please answer those questions above and reach out to me with your responses, comments, objections, confessions!  I will also be sharing some stories, experiences, and throwing down some challenges.

Are you In? Let’s get us “All In”! 


Day 4~ 100 Days to BOLDness~ Find AND USE Your Happy Place

kate lanagan macgregor encourages yo to find your happy place!INSPIRATION STATION!~ Find and use your ‘Happy Place”! What is your Happy Place?

What about your “ME” Time? How are you nurturing your soul?


This year has been the year of running! The pace in Real Estate has been frantic, and our

clients have been stressed. It’s a really weird dynamic! What does this mean for us?


If we are not careful, we will chase our tails all day long! It’s time for you to recognize that you want

to craft your life around what YOU want! Most of us got into this profession for freedom, yet we are enslaved!

It’s time that we pause, reflect, then act. That extra reflection can be the difference between enjoying your day and tolerating your day!


ACTION STEP: Life was meant to be enjoyed! You were meant to sparkle! Make sure you take steps to do so…. please feel free to join me at 6 am for

Movement, Mindfulness and Motivation  of our#beawesome workout on Facebook! This has made my body~ and soul~ sparkle again!

100 Days to BOLDness

Join Kate Lanagan MacGregor of BOLD Moves Real Estate and Agent Rising Real Estate School in her 100 Days to BOLDness Challenge.  Listen to Kate’s inspirational message today and every day for the next 100 Days and see how you can make postive changes in your life.  Practice gratitude and abundance and make the most of these 100 days.

Visit www.katelanaganmacgregor.com for more information on 100 days to BOLDness and how to join.


BeBOLD and follow your heart

Day 2~ 100 Days to BOLDness ~ Move One Inch


BeBOLD and follow your heartINSPIRATION STATION~ The trim tab on a sail boat. There is this little tab on the rudder of a sail boat that when adjusted a tiny bit, turns the whole boat around. I want you to think today of what tiny little trim tab movements can you  adjust to help you move toward your goals?

Today, I am only asking for you to move that one inch~ that tiny trim tab!

Where do you want to be at the end of the year? Start small… you will get there!

Here are some programs we offer to help you reach your goals:

  1. #beawesome workout on Facebook. From 6-6:30 am, I livestream a workout on Facebook in a Closed Group. Would you like to join? The way facebook works this is:
  • You search your facebook for #beawesome workout
  • You ask to join.
  • I accept you.
  • You set your notification to ding when it’s time. (If you want)
  • You watch and join me from home. I imagine everyone rolling out of bed and working out right in your jammies.
  • You can see me. I can’t see you.
  • If you do not make at 6 am, you can replay when you do have your “me” time!
  • We practice movement, mindfulness and motivation with a goal of longevity! Think yoga, pilates, strength training, stability ball, core workouts all rolled into one.

2. Authentic Branding ecourse. If you want some help getting started or to the next level in your profession, this course may be for you! Visit www.justyoubeyou.com and enroll today. Enrollment closes within the week, and the course starts next Monday, September 15. Currently this is a FREE course, as we are in the beta testing phase to see what works for you. The goals are:

  • Authentic YOU– Being you is enough!
  • Authentic Brand– If you do what you love, it is not work! Discovering exactly who you want to reach and work with, and develop your brand and plan around that.
  • You in Action– Setting up tools to CORE. Create Once, Reproduce Everywhere. An uncluttered and structured plan to online marketing and social media.

Today’s Homework! Make a list of 5 items that you can make small changes on, and email them to me!

new classes

Agent Rising Real Estate School Starting New Classes


Are you ready for a change of career?  Did you always dream of being a real estate agent?  Now is the time to put those dreams into reality! Agent Rising Real Estate School is starting new classes September 8th at the BOLD Welcome Center on Fairhaven Rd. in Mattapoisett.

Join Kate Lanagan MacGregor, Dawn Devlin and Marie Greany as they help you through the process of becoming a real estate agent.

Classes are held Monday and Thursday from 5-8 pm.  Join our seasoned pros in helping you obtain your real estate license and get started on a great career.

It’s not too late to enroll.  Call Marie at 508-207-3186.   Visit www.agentrising.com for more information.

Visit www.katelanaganmacgregor.com and check out some inspirational new challenges.

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