BeBOLD and follow your heart

Day 2~ 100 Days to BOLDness ~ Move One Inch


BeBOLD and follow your heartINSPIRATION STATION~ The trim tab on a sail boat. There is this little tab on the rudder of a sail boat that when adjusted a tiny bit, turns the whole boat around. I want you to think today of what tiny little trim tab movements can you  adjust to help you move toward your goals?

Today, I am only asking for you to move that one inch~ that tiny trim tab!

Where do you want to be at the end of the year? Start small… you will get there!

Here are some programs we offer to help you reach your goals:

  1. #beawesome workout on Facebook. From 6-6:30 am, I livestream a workout on Facebook in a Closed Group. Would you like to join? The way facebook works this is:
  • You search your facebook for #beawesome workout
  • You ask to join.
  • I accept you.
  • You set your notification to ding when it’s time. (If you want)
  • You watch and join me from home. I imagine everyone rolling out of bed and working out right in your jammies.
  • You can see me. I can’t see you.
  • If you do not make at 6 am, you can replay when you do have your “me” time!
  • We practice movement, mindfulness and motivation with a goal of longevity! Think yoga, pilates, strength training, stability ball, core workouts all rolled into one.

2. Authentic Branding ecourse. If you want some help getting started or to the next level in your profession, this course may be for you! Visit and enroll today. Enrollment closes within the week, and the course starts next Monday, September 15. Currently this is a FREE course, as we are in the beta testing phase to see what works for you. The goals are:

  • Authentic YOU– Being you is enough!
  • Authentic Brand– If you do what you love, it is not work! Discovering exactly who you want to reach and work with, and develop your brand and plan around that.
  • You in Action– Setting up tools to CORE. Create Once, Reproduce Everywhere. An uncluttered and structured plan to online marketing and social media.

Today’s Homework! Make a list of 5 items that you can make small changes on, and email them to me!

Kate Lanagan MacGregor

Kate Lanagan MacGregor on the Road

       Kate Lanagan MacGregor  Kate Lanagan MacGregor of Agent Rising Real Estate School and BOLD Moves Real Estate has been on the road!  Kate has recently held real estate training at Northeast Association of REALTORS® and also REALTOR ®  Association of Southeastern Mass on various topics, including Webutation, Gratitude Marketing, Contract Law and Paperless Transactions.  In Kate’s words, “My goal is to help as many REALTORS®  as possible to enhance the professionalism with the tools that I have learned.  The water in the “ocean” elevates all boats, and my passion is to elevate the ocean for all Realtor friends.  In doing so, we will better serve all of our communities and help with their real estate

Kate is pictured here with Linda Kody, the President of Northeast Association of REALTORS® and former Educator of the Year.

            Besides all this, Kate still earned the distinction of Tops in Listings for the month of April at BOLD Moves Real Estate.  The saying goes, “If you’d like something done, ask a busy person.  Kate is always available to help her fellow realtors.  She can be reached at


Also visit  for great real estate property and REALTORS®

This blog was posted on on May 17, 2016.

nama and ty

What is LOVE? Family Style

my mother is love

GreatGrandmotherly Love!

What is love? Today, I see love manifested when I see my mother. My mother had a stroke last year that left her with aphasia.

Aphasia in this instance means that sometimes she understands your words, sometimes she doesn’t. Sometimes you can understand her words, and sometimes you cannot. So, without the language of words to count on for communication, we communicate in other ways.

My mother, Geraldine (now called “Nama”) had seven children in pretty rapid succession. She is married to a high football coach, and she was a nurse. While we were rich in love, we had very little in the way of material items. My dad worked odd jobs. My mom had no car, and would work the 11-7 shift at a nursing home that she could walk to. Often, she would lug laundry that we couldn’t keep up at home to wash as she worked. She gave all to her family… –Keep on Reading!

Kate Lanagan MacGregor is broken

The ‘Whole’ Recovery of My ‘Broken’ Back

Kate Lanagan MacGregor is brokenToday is the 3rd Anniversary of the car accident that broke my back.  3 years ago, an elderly man blew through a stop sign and struck my jeep, making it roll several times and ejecting me from the roof.

I want to share the great lessons I have learned, as well as the hard ones. The insurance is finally wrapping up, and it’s time to put this behind me. As a good friend says, trying to drive forward looking through the rear view mirror causes you to crash! No more crashes!

1- People want to be good, and do good.  The response for help was overwhelming. The people who signed up for my Meal Train were amazing! My kids would sit at the door at 5, waiting for the meals to arrive. People put so much care into it. I also had people drive me to the other side of the state for meetings!

2- We are not in control of our destiny. I could not predict or stop that man from driving into me. I believe in a higher power, and events like this let me know that we are not alone or in charge! So, my takeaway? Live each moment, each day to the fullest. Make sure the people you love know it. SHOW them!

3- Some things take time. I am impatient. Antsy. Driven. It is hard to realize that sometimes we just have to take our time, and honor how long things can take. I now believe things happen in God’s time. Not mine!

4- Hanging on to anger hurts me. Not them. I was so angry at the man who hit me. While I was sitting on the ground unable to move, all he wanted to do was get out of there. He did not care that I was hurt, never asked how I was, and definitely  never offered an apology.  His insurance company (COMMERCE) was equally frustrating. The settlement left me with medical liens to be paid off, and a pitiful offer.

5- Moving forward means not looking back. Be broken or whole- the choice is mine. The reason I settled with that insurance offer is because I do not want to feel ‘broken’ anymore. Mentally, I have been carrying a burden I want to let go of! So, goodbye broken back! My new ‘whole’ is different than I was before, but that’s ok. Today I periscope ‘stretch and strengthening’ at 6 am so that I make myself do it every weekday. It’s my new normal. I cannot snowboard, snow mobile, run hard, horseback ride, or sit in cars for a very long time. I recently said to someone who looked at me like I was this middle aged woman,”I used to be fierce”.  Our workouts now are called #beawesome workouts. Join us on periscope! Everyone can be their own awesome. It’s because I want to be the best I can, and I want to inspire others to do the same. I will cherish those ‘fierce’ memories, and be grateful I can move as I can.

I believe we all have a burden that we carry. I am hoping that I can ‘see’ your burden and honor and help you with yours. Life is so precious, and I believe that the positive lessons and outcomes from my accident far outweigh my loss. I LOVE life! I appreciate it so much more.

Live Life With Me! Make your life the best it can be. Maybe you won’t need to break your back to realize how very wonderful our gifts are! So, Happy Anniversary and goodbye. Time to live my ‘whole’ life!

#beawesome and Periscope with 100 Days to the HoliDAZE

Movement, Mindfulness, and Motivation at #beawesome Workouts

kate lanagan macgregor in 100 days to HoliDAZEMovement, Mindfulness, and Motivation at #beawesome Workouts in 100 Days to the HoliDAZE. We call in #beawesome!

Every weekday morning at 6 am, we have been connecting on Periscope for a workout designed for longevity, flexibility, and strength. Kate Lanagan MacGregor at  6 am weekdays has brought her new Periscope friends through a 30 minute #beawesome workout.

How has it been going?

Maegan Nelson Arone said, ” I love being able to learn yoga in the privacy of my own living

room. My (3 year old) daughter Scarlett has been working alongside me.I love it! And I love the (Periscope) tool!”

Tracey Lee enthuses that her  mindset and mood improve each morning she starts

with the workout. ” I am feeling stronger, and more awesome each day!”

Many BOLD Moves Real Estate BOLDIES’ have incorporated the Periscope replay option.

Periscope allows you to replay the video for 24 hours.

Yesterday we incorporated a stability ball. While helpful, no tools are actually needed to work out with us.

Next week, we plan to introduce a guest yogi, @sportladyyoga Tricia Akins, the Yoga Trapeze, and how

to get a full body workout walking your dog. Sounds fun? Join us! Each weekday morning Live on Persicope at 6 am!

I am @katemaclanagan on Periscope or KateLanaganMacGregor

If you are new to Periscope, go to the app store and download the free app of Periscope.

You do not need to be a twitter follower to join (even though they own it!)

Find me, and follow me.

Start with me at 6 LIVE.

You have 24 hours to watch!

YOU can comment! I can see- can’t respond other than verbally.

Touch the screen to send hearts. I get most hearts when I say something you want to hear!

“Workout’s Done!”

I am @katemaclanagan on Periscope or KateLanaganMacGregor! See you on Periscope!



#beawesome and Periscope with 100 Days to the HoliDAZE

#beawesome! Periscope with us in our 100 Days to the HoliDAZE!

100 Days to the HoliDAZE#beawesome! Be AWESOME! That is our message for 100 Days to the HoliDAZE!

Today, we periscoped our first 6 am workout. There were 141 live viewers this morning, and

it was our maiden voyage into Periscope. LOTS of fun! You can go to Periscope and work out

with us, or you can join us each morning.  The workouts include “Movement, Mindfulness, and Motivation!” Where do you want to be in 100 days (‘the HoliDAZE?’). Where do you want to be in 20 years? Our workouts are for longevity and awakening! Join us! Periscope name is katelanaganmacgregor, twitter name is @katemaclanagan.

Some important takeaways today were:

  • 100 Days is enough time to achieve many things, and start habits on everything.
  • Starting now puts you where you want to be for the HoliDAZE?
  • Be kind to yourself! Progress NOT perfection!
  • What steps lead you to where you want to be?

Download Periscope on your iPhone, iPad, or android store. It is free, and you do not need twitter to use it. Kate Lanagan MacGregor #beawesome

Twitter purchased Periscope before it launched, that’s how cool it is!  I recommend when you name yourself,

use either your name or something close to it!

When you message me during the Periscope, I want to know who to SHOUTOUT to!

Tomorrow, we will talk about some of the many ways to build Periscope into your business.

…. after we #beawesome at 6 am!

Reach out to me with any questions by filling in the contact form on here. Have fun and use the video!