be bold in 100 days to BOLDness

100 Days to the HoliDAZE- Are you Ready?

We have 100 Days to the HoliDAZE. How about you? How are you doing on your yearly goals? Are you ready for the Holidays? Last year, we launched 100 Days to BOLDness, and we had members from all over the country join us. Our goal was to finish the year off where we wanted to be. Are you ready for round 2? This year, we will start earlier, so that we do not lose steam over the holidays, and we are ON TARGET for the HoliDAZE!

How will it work this year? Our last 100 Days to BOLDness, we focused on skills and consistency. Gratitude Marketing was a huge initiative, leading to the BOLD Day Challenge. On , we have started a group and system for One Thank You Note per Day. WE will touch on how amazing this program has done, with some heartwarming testimonials to share.

This year, we introduce the idea of longevity, and living the life we want.  I had said early this year that I only want to be doing things that I want to do.  I do not want to be unhappy with work, groups, or friendships that have run their course. It has been a year of pruning, focusing and expanding. Time maximization has been key.

We are introducing Periscope. Periscope is a live streaming app that we will be using for our longevity message and movement each morning at 6 a.m.  This begins Monday. If you want to take part in our Longevity, be sure to download your Periscope app so that you are ready to begin our 100 Days! Periscope is new to me, so anticipate growing and learning with me!

Looking forward to an even better 100 Days! Let’s be amazing together!

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Gratitude Marketing & Personalized Note Cards

Elegant Group Package

Elegant Group Package

Gratitude Marketing! What does it mean? It’s a way of telling your clients and customers how much their business means to you. It’s also how you keep your clients coming back and referring your services. Of course your skills and competence in doing your job are important in your business, but how you treat your clients and how you thank them for their friendship and return business is important tool!

A great idea is to use good, old fashioned, handwritten, personalized stationery cards. Here at BOLD Moves Real Estate, we are taking part in the 365-Day Bold Day Challenge. Send out a thank-you note everyday to someone who has helped you out, brightened your day or made some positive difference in your day. This will give them a boost and also make you feel good. It also helps you to reflect on your day and who you interacted with everyday. Visit the BOLD Day website and make the pledge at

On our website you can order your own personalized stationary. It gives a little extra touch to your card when you’re sending it on nice paper that is customized by you! Contact us today to place your order for stationery!

survive not thrive and back


survive not thrive and backHave you ever had a time in your business when you are on your beam? You are busy, excited, creative and productive?

Then, a curve ball hits. Immediately I fall off my Beam of Business Thrival and into Survival mode. Gone are the actions of proactivity; instead it is more ‘just hanging on’

.In my case, my mother had a stroke. I no  longer thought of long range planning, exciting arcs and creativity.Instead I worked to get through the day without a calamity.


I was scared for my mother, mourning the loss of what had been. Hospital scheduling and care for my father were main priorities.

My work habits became  making sure that things did not fall through the cracks, and that we were practicing business according to our passion and culture. I delegated all that I could.

I felt shell shocked.

I have had this experience before, and I learned some important lessons then, and that has helped me through these past couple of months.

Couple of months… wow! How time flew! I was SHOCKED to see that my last blog post was in March.

I would like to share in a small series of blog posts what I have learned, and how it can help you if (or when) this happens to you.

For today, I offer you this:

“When it Rains

Look for Rainbows

When it’s Dark

Look for Stars”


Make March Magical

Make March Magical by Sharing your Gratitude

 Make March MagicalMake March Magical by sharing your gratitude! Each day, I challenge you to write a review for a local business or professional. Where do you go when you want to find out about a specific product or service? If you are like 90% of the consumers, you go to the web. You check reviews. You decide based on what you find. In fact, studies show that a review from a stranger often holds more weight than a referral from a friend.

We have been engaged in a BOLD Day Challenge, which is writing One Thank you note per day to someone that we are grateful for. The results have been heartwarming… even in this cold, snowy time!

Let’s take it one step further this time, and actually write a review with the same strategy as our notes. This means being generous in our praise, and identifying the ONE strategic differentiator that the person possesses. So, when the consumer is reading the review, they will have no question what it is that makes that person special.

Reviews are so important to businesses today, yet we all struggle to ask our happy clients for them. So, for March, share your magic… in the way of a review.

Here are some ways to leave a review:

Google their business. Their business will come up and on the right hand side of the page will be their ‘google business’. On the bottom of that box, there is a spot that says to review. Click that spot. (If their business does not come up, let them know that they have not claimed their business on Google. It’s easy to do- have them call me for help!)

Go to Yelp– Leave them a review with Yelp. Yelp is important because when you ask Siri a question, Yelp answers.  Yelp is tricky though, because they want you to be a ‘Yelper’ and do more than one review.

Go to their website. Most websites have prompts on how they want you to leave a review.

Go to their Facebook page– While it won’t be indexed by google, many people will see, and that is very significant to the business or professional.

Go to their Linked In Page. This is the professional equivalent to Facebook for a business professional. Please note! A recommendation is much more powerful than an endorsement. You want to leave a recommendation!

Go to We have LOTTIE the LOVEbug- Which is a platform to leave  Live Online Video Endorsements . Share your LOVE! Video is the king of all communication, because your sentiments can be heard!

Keep following us through month for more suggestions, feedback, comments, and tips!

kate lanagan macgregorI always love a good chat! Call me ! Kate 508-728-3648!

Let’s make March Magical!

hafez quote on shine

S.H.I.N.E. with

S.H.I.N.E with! We want you to join us and  follow the light!

hafez quote on shineOur Mission is to  S.H.I.N.E. 

S- Serve

H- Honor



E- Empower

So, here’s my introduction and explanation.  You and I have probably met one of my entrepreneurial business ventures. You may have stumbled onto my website by following our social campaigns to make it a BOLD Day, or you were directed by a business card of mine.

Either way, I confused you. You would say to me:

“Kate, what do you do?”  I would stumble on my ‘elevator speech’, trying to capture the ‘whole picture’ while addressing our immediate connection.

  • Real Estate has been the mainstay of my business for many years, this past 9 years with BOLD Moves Real Estate.
  • In growing our business, 6 years ago we opened Agent Rising Real Estate School and Training Center.  I really fell in love with helping REALTORS® become better professionals.
  • We grew BOLD Moves Real Estate from 2 of us to approximately 30 associates in 9 years, and the BOLDIES are my passion.
  • We strive to be cutting edge, and that meant creating our own path with our marketing.
  • Two years ago, we launched Beyond BOLD Media to service our specialized marketing strategies.
  • We believe that Reputation Marketing finds you clients, and Gratitude Marketing keeps them.
  • I believe in ‘doing the next right thing’, and being a Servant Leader in ALL that I do. By dedicating a portion of our revenues to serve, we began BOLD Day Foundation. It is a private fund that helps people getting back on their feet.
  • Recently, we launched the BOLD Day Challenge, which is an initiative to get everyone everywhere to write ONE thank you note per day to express Gratitude, and give the gift of Gratitude.

Today, my focus is on the SHINE. Keep following to learn more! Join Us!

BE THE GOOD in BOLD day challenge

Day 100 of 100 Days to BOLDness- Jim Lanagan

INSPIRATION STATION–  How did your 100 Days to BOLDness end for you?

Today, Jim Lanagan revisits and speaks of his 100 Days to BOLDness.

“Water in the ocean lifts all boats”.  – But you gotta stay your course!

Follow Rules

Stay in Line

Active participant to worthwhile project to bring good things to other people

100 Days is Just Enough!

What about you? How was the 100 Days? To me, it was hard to keep the time commitment, but I loved the practice of sharing something each day with you! It elevated me and my learning for sure!

From a business standpoint, for all of you who are thinking of content marketing, it really does take at least that amount of time to be found, and recognized on the social sites. One wonderful unexpected outcome wBE THE GOOD in BOLD day challengeas relationships formed throughout the country of people who joined us and participated.

It reinforces what I believe,

that people want to feel and act ‘good’. 

Believe in Goodness.

  Be the Good.

ACTION STEP: Join us for the BOLD Day Challenge. I will be blogging mostly from the site, as I share each day my thank you note that I am sending out; as well as encouraging, business growing concepts that involve the one on one relationship. You Matter. Let’s stay connected!