Val in appreciation marketing

Dancing with the Stars- The Ultimate in Appreciation Marketing- Val Chmerkovskiy is KING!

Appreciation Marketing with Val Chmerkovskiy
Happiest Day of Mariah’s life!

Val Chmerkovskiy and the whole Dancing with the Stars crew nailed Appreciation Marketing on Tour last week.

My daughters Mariah and Martha brought me to the Dancing with the Stars Tour for my birthday. As luck would have it, our seats were the back row in the corner (also known as “nosebleed” seats!). All seats were decent in the house, and we definitely were making the best of it.

When the dancers were asked what they most enjoyed, Val said, “I am most appreciative of those people in the back row, in the back corner.” We went wild!! That was us! We thought our night was made!

As the show went on, the ‘boys’ of the show went out to give roses to women in the audience. We were cheering along, and a buzz starts through the audience.  “Val’s coming up”, we hear!  We are screaming in our seats….VAL IS RUNNING up to the top of the theatre and through the long row of ladies to bring the rose to us!!  WE gave him some MacGregor love as we hugged and screamed and held onto our ‘rose’ for dear life!

I thought to myself… what great Appreciation Marketing. He went the extra effort to run to the very back of the theatre and squeezed through the crowd to appreciate the people with the ‘worst’ seats! It is a lot like writing one thank you note per day in the BOLD Day Challenge. It didn’t cost him much (the rose is artificial). His effort and personalization was what made is action so significant.

After the show was over, we hung out by the stage door, and all of the dancers (and Rumer Willis) could not have been more pleasant! Here are a few of the photos we got with the stars.  It was a half hour of their lives, and my daughters will never forget this night! Appreciation Marketing works!

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