BE THE GOOD in BOLD day challenge

Day 100 of 100 Days to BOLDness- Jim Lanagan

INSPIRATION STATION–  How did your 100 Days to BOLDness end for you?

Today, Jim Lanagan revisits and speaks of his 100 Days to BOLDness.

“Water in the ocean lifts all boats”.  – But you gotta stay your course!

Follow Rules

Stay in Line

Active participant to worthwhile project to bring good things to other people

100 Days is Just Enough!

What about you? How was the 100 Days? To me, it was hard to keep the time commitment, but I loved the practice of sharing something each day with you! It elevated me and my learning for sure!

From a business standpoint, for all of you who are thinking of content marketing, it really does take at least that amount of time to be found, and recognized on the social sites. One wonderful unexpected outcome wBE THE GOOD in BOLD day challengeas relationships formed throughout the country of people who joined us and participated.

It reinforces what I believe,

that people want to feel and act ‘good’. 

Believe in Goodness.

  Be the Good.

ACTION STEP: Join us for the BOLD Day Challenge. I will be blogging mostly from the site, as I share each day my thank you note that I am sending out; as well as encouraging, business growing concepts that involve the one on one relationship. You Matter. Let’s stay connected!

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