BeBOLD and follow your heart

Day 2~ 100 Days to BOLDness ~ Move One Inch


BeBOLD and follow your heartINSPIRATION STATION~ The trim tab on a sail boat. There is this little tab on the rudder of a sail boat that when adjusted a tiny bit, turns the whole boat around. I want you to think today of what tiny little trim tab movements can you  adjust to help you move toward your goals?

Today, I am only asking for you to move that one inch~ that tiny trim tab!

Where do you want to be at the end of the year? Start small… you will get there!

Here are some programs we offer to help you reach your goals:

  1. #beawesome workout on Facebook. From 6-6:30 am, I livestream a workout on Facebook in a Closed Group. Would you like to join? The way facebook works this is:
  • You search your facebook for #beawesome workout
  • You ask to join.
  • I accept you.
  • You set your notification to ding when it’s time. (If you want)
  • You watch and join me from home. I imagine everyone rolling out of bed and working out right in your jammies.
  • You can see me. I can’t see you.
  • If you do not make at 6 am, you can replay when you do have your “me” time!
  • We practice movement, mindfulness and motivation with a goal of longevity! Think yoga, pilates, strength training, stability ball, core workouts all rolled into one.

2. Authentic Branding ecourse. If you want some help getting started or to the next level in your profession, this course may be for you! Visit and enroll today. Enrollment closes within the week, and the course starts next Monday, September 15. Currently this is a FREE course, as we are in the beta testing phase to see what works for you. The goals are:

  • Authentic YOU– Being you is enough!
  • Authentic Brand– If you do what you love, it is not work! Discovering exactly who you want to reach and work with, and develop your brand and plan around that.
  • You in Action– Setting up tools to CORE. Create Once, Reproduce Everywhere. An uncluttered and structured plan to online marketing and social media.

Today’s Homework! Make a list of 5 items that you can make small changes on, and email them to me!

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