Day 24 of 100 Days to BOLDness- Iva Lajoie shares her BOLDness

INSPIRATION STATION MESSAGE: Congratulations to Iva Lajoie for not missing one day of 100 Days to BOLDness.  We actually have a slew of “100 percenters”, and I chose Iva for this interview because she inspired me as well… watch the video and enjoy!

Thank you Iva for going out of her comfort zone to share her story! Some takeaways she identified:

  •  It does not matter when I receive the 100 days..I like to read them when I have a quiet minute
  • They come almost daily and they have something new to say..
  •  I try to follow each days mission..
  •  I am more aware when I don’t follow each days mission.
  • It could be improved by participation from those involved in 100 Days to BOLDness!

In the video, I stated the importance of commenting, sharing and liking on this website and social media venues. I also want to introduce you to “LOTTIE the LOVEbug.”

LOTTIE got it’s name from “LOve Them Tell Them” Gratitude Marketing at, The LOVE is from Live Online Video Endorsements.

When you click on “LOTTIE”, you will be prompted to leave a video comment, as well as written.  

We will make these available to all, and you will learn to love the video aspect o

f leaving comments, questions or reviews!

lottie the love bug- Live Online Video Endorsements


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