Day 30 of 100 Days to BOLDness- Reasons not Excuses


Today is Workout Wednesday, and I wanted to share a little about my story and my progress.

Success in 100 Days to BOLDness

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25 years ago, I owned an exercise studio called Forever Fit. Our goals were to have fun, get fit and realize that it was a lifetime event.At BOLD Welcome Center, we have had group Pilates, BOLDest Loser Teams, and Fitness classes throughout the years.  I am one of those people who love exercise.  On the dance floor, I still like to throw down my splits!

Almost 2 years ago, I was in a car accident that broke my back. This forever changed what I can do for activity. Gone are days of skiing, big hikes, cross fit, and many other impact activities. The recovery left me inflexible, weak, muscularly imbalanced, and completely out of shape. My spine is shorter and C shaped a bit.  Sounds like a good reason to accept myself the way that I am and give up on my love of fitness, right? WRONG!

This may be the reason why I no longer was youthful and nimble, but it can not be my excuse for accepting something that I do not want.

I want to be strong, healthy, and fit. I want to ooze positive energy;being a creaky old lady is not what I had in mind.

So, I modify. I do what I can that will not inflame my injury.  I let go of the cross fit dream.  I stay focused on what my idea of success in this arena will be: Strong, healthy and fit.

Don’t confuse your reasons and excuses.  Give yourself permission to be who you want to be, and let nothing be an excuse.

ACTION PLAN: Have you been straying off your beam? If so, why not course correct and get yourself back on course. We are accountable for everything that we do, and there really are no excuses.  So, Pick your plan and reach your success!

P.S. We are having a Forever Fit Reunion Workout on Thanksgiving morning. Come to BOLD Welcome Center from 7:30-9:30 and learn to love being Forever Fit!

New Comments from our friends in the 100 Days to BOLDness BOLDday Challenge:
Regarding the Message: “Nothing has meaning but the meaning you give it.”
“Thx Kate. This is timely for upcoming week. I am going to take this one and “turn the beat around.” cm

“Very interesting approach. I do believe that everything happens for a reason,but the bad times tougher to fathom.  I will do this!” mm
A ‘faithful follower’ said this:
“REINVENTING” My Goals and Objectives, has caused me to Really Look back to see exactly what was my main objective OR GOAL in these 100 Days to Boldness. Somehow I drifted off the course that I thought was so important.  “all about the course”.  I also didn’t anticipate some of the obstacles that appear or I just failed to evaluate them properly; or, give them closer examination.  For example: THE WATER THAT LIFTS THE BOAT I JUST TOOK FOR GRANTED AND FAILED TO APPRECIATE IT AS A BLESSING.  THE BOAT CAN’T FLOAT WITHOUT IT.  Through examining my goals for 100 Days To Boldness I have been led to really LOOK AT ‘GIFT’!!!   “To Get A Handle” on it and LEARN TO APPRECIATE AND SHARE…R   E   I   N   V   E   N   T    I     N     G    WORKS…… jbl 

LARGER:  I don’t know but counting down the hundred to the New Year makes the day appear LARGE.  I am not sure what that means But, I see the goal I set as LARGER.  The Closer the BOAT gets to the Goal(Port) the clearer it gets.  It’s like the fog lifts or breaks on occasion.  I have to sharpen up my senses and remain vigilant—V  I  G  I  L  E  N  T  To Be Bold in my  PURSUIT of those Goals and use the Blessings given. jbl

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