Day 36 of 100 Days to BOLDness- ‘Google Plus’ You!


Google week continues on “Twosday”. We use social media as our way of cultivating online relationships with our clients, family and friends. Google Plus is often considered Google’s rendition of Facebook.  I believe that Google Plus is actually a gateway to the integrative structure of Google’s many tools they have present and future for online activities. Google has been acquiring start up apps and businesses at a rate of approximately one per week, and the list is extensive.

Why share your blogs, pictures and stories with Google Plus? It is one more click of your mouse, and at the least gets more exposure for your content. Google is our search engine of choice, with more than 70 percent of users searching Google. Wouldn’t it make sense that Google would index it’s own content higher? Google searches the web continuously for content, and then indexes it for where you are found. You want Page One of Google Search. Make it easy for Google to find you! Google favors Google products.

The Market share for Google Plus is growing as well. This graphic, designed by janrain, highlights growing online sign in preferencesgraphich by janrain showing social log in preferences.

The other services available through the Google Plus Gateway are reviews, maps and hangouts.  Hangouts are where up to 10 people across the world can join for live video conferencing.  The meetings can be recorded and found on You Tube.  This also increases Google indexing.  I was in a group where we had people from all over the United States, Holland and Australia together.  It was a unique, refreshing and free way of meeting. You can also call internationally free for the first minute.

ACTION PLAN: Include Google Plus in your “commenting, liking, and sharing” of your content. Learn about the many ways that adding your business to Google +, and spend some time learning how to utilize their many tools. Make each  moment you invest in your online branding count!

Do you not know where to start? Please reach out to us at Beyond BOLD Media. We can help! We provide a strategic and comprehensive approach to marketing.

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