Day 4~ 100 Days to BOLDness~ Find AND USE Your Happy Place

kate lanagan macgregor encourages yo to find your happy place!INSPIRATION STATION!~ Find and use your ‘Happy Place”! What is your Happy Place?

What about your “ME” Time? How are you nurturing your soul?


This year has been the year of running! The pace in Real Estate has been frantic, and our

clients have been stressed. It’s a really weird dynamic! What does this mean for us?


If we are not careful, we will chase our tails all day long! It’s time for you to recognize that you want

to craft your life around what YOU want! Most of us got into this profession for freedom, yet we are enslaved!

It’s time that we pause, reflect, then act. That extra reflection can be the difference between enjoying your day and tolerating your day!


ACTION STEP: Life was meant to be enjoyed! You were meant to sparkle! Make sure you take steps to do so…. please feel free to join me at 6 am for

Movement, Mindfulness and Motivation  of our#beawesome workout on Facebook! This has made my body~ and soul~ sparkle again!

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