Movement, Mindfulness, and Motivation at #beawesome Workouts

kate lanagan macgregor in 100 days to HoliDAZEMovement, Mindfulness, and Motivation at #beawesome Workouts in 100 Days to the HoliDAZE. We call in #beawesome!

Every weekday morning at 6 am, we have been connecting on Periscope for a workout designed for longevity, flexibility, and strength. Kate Lanagan MacGregor at  6 am weekdays has brought her new Periscope friends through a 30 minute #beawesome workout.

How has it been going?

Maegan Nelson Arone said, ” I love being able to learn yoga in the privacy of my own living

room. My (3 year old) daughter Scarlett has been working alongside me.I love it! And I love the (Periscope) tool!”

Tracey Lee enthuses that her  mindset and mood improve each morning she starts

with the workout. ” I am feeling stronger, and more awesome each day!”

Many BOLD Moves Real Estate BOLDIES’ have incorporated the Periscope replay option.

Periscope allows you to replay the video for 24 hours.

Yesterday we incorporated a stability ball. While helpful, no tools are actually needed to work out with us.

Next week, we plan to introduce a guest yogi, @sportladyyoga Tricia Akins, the Yoga Trapeze, and how

to get a full body workout walking your dog. Sounds fun? Join us! Each weekday morning Live on Persicope at 6 am!

I am @katemaclanagan on Periscope or KateLanaganMacGregor

If you are new to Periscope, go to the app store and download the free app of Periscope.

You do not need to be a twitter follower to join (even though they own it!)

Find me, and follow me.

Start with me at 6 LIVE.

You have 24 hours to watch!

YOU can comment! I can see- can’t respond other than verbally.

Touch the screen to send hearts. I get most hearts when I say something you want to hear!

“Workout’s Done!”

I am @katemaclanagan on Periscope or KateLanaganMacGregor! See you on Periscope!



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