The Next Right Thing

Kate Lanagan MacGregor performs marriage vows“The Next Right Thing”… that’s my advice. To almost anything! Recently, I performed the marriage ceremony of my brother and his bride. How did I get to be able to do that? I followed steps to become ordained to perform wedding ceremonies.  My steps started with efforts to become a Justice of the Peace. There is already one in my hometown, so I was denied. I started researching ministries offered online that could empower me to perform wedding ceremonies. This worked, but then I started reading reviews about the ceremonies not being valid. I contacted the Secretary of State, and after a few months of leg work, I am an ordained Chaplain in Massachusetts.

When I wanted to get into having a Real Estate School, I started with a virtual school until I could finish my credentials. I then started following by ‘the next right thing’ until I developed a curriculum for new agents and also REALTOR® Professionals.

Developing an online presence started with one blog post, joining facebook and google +, and Linked In. Gradually and incrementally, step by step, I now have a significant following. It takes continuing to do the next right thing, even when I feel too busy. Reputation Marketing takes time and persistence!

There’s a belief that we are always in movement. We are either moving backward or forward. I choose to move forward. Would you like some help getting and staying on track? Please reach out to me and we can do this together! Join me in doing it…. the next right thing!

Kate Lanagan MacGregorkate lanagan macgregor