Umm…I am His WIFE, NOT His Mother!

katel lanagan macgregor hair comparisonIt happened. I got called my husband’s mother!

Here’s how it went down. We were at this restaurant as a family that we frequent. We were standing in the bar area waiting for our table. A woman who I know mostly from church saw me and said hello. I explained that we were there to celebrate my son going off to college the next day. She turned in her seat and exclaimed to my husband…“I just LOVE your mother!”

UGH! Seriously?!

As we face challenges of middle age, one of them is becoming that vague age. Are we young and vital? Are we mature and responsible? Are we ‘old’?

I decided to handle this situation a little differently…

1- I Immediately started growing out my short hair. Look at the photos above. I really did have the same short hair style my mother-in-law AND my mother have.
2- I started adding butter and cheese to my husband’s meals. Stocked up on his favorite snacks.
3- I got real.

On one hand, I thought that maybe I seemed older because I had a lot of responsibility with my job. I think I may have even cut my hair to look more professional and grown up.

On the other hand, I find myself talking to peers about aches, fatigue, concentration, energy levels.  I acknowledge that these are all signs of getting older. So, it’s good to talk about because we need support. HOWEVER… these are all things we can work on  naturally minimize.

While I acknowledge that I could not be younger, I realize I do not have to feel older.

I started this #beawesome workout that my friends and I do on Periscope each weekday at 6 am. It is geared toward longevity and vitality. Since we started, my feet, hips, knees, back and mind feel significantly better. Those who participate on a regular basis also feel the same way. Noone misses us at that time, so we can get in a little “me” time.

Want to join us? Go to your app store on your smart phone, download Periscope (free). Sign up either by twitter or your telephone number. Follow me, Kate Lanagan MacGregor. In the mornings, you will hear a ding. Roll out of bed, and click on the app. There I am! By the side of your bed, join along! Here we are, together.

We can’t turn back time, but we sure as hell do not have to be called our husband’s mother!