Video is making it’s way into all facets of all social media.  This week many social media outlets upgraded services it offers its users.

A few months ago, Instagram added Instagram stories, and it has doubled its monthly users, and has 600 million users; adding 100 million users since adding snap chat like video. Facebook previously bought Instagram for $1 billion.

The video that you are seeing to the left is a new feature from facebook messenger. When you sign on, it may ask if you want to ‘capture’ a video. The blue circle right above the home screen also leads you to video. Facebook is also trying to make messenger snapchat-like as you can see, with the themes and features. When you sign into messenger, it asks if you video, call or type a message.

Messaging is becoming more interactive, more personal. Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg believes that face to face communication, even if it is a screen, is our future. He is taking many steps to make that happen!

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