Day 16 of 100 Days to BOLDness- Love Yourselfie

Kevin Thompson of Beyond BOLD MediaWelcome to “Tech Tools Thursday”We recently were part of Massachusetts Association of REALTORS Conference and Trade Show promoting our Gratitude Marketing with Beyond BOLD Media.  Kevin Thompson, pictured, was a huge hit with his kilt and his selfie wand.  Many asked where to get, and how to use it! 

These selfie wands (or poles) are widely available on Amazon and eBay, and are roughly $10.  You attach your smart phone to the end, and you are able to take pictures of videos in ways you never thought possible!

Video is enormous in our industry and across the world.  Emails with videos are opened 3  times more, and blogs and websites with videos are indexed higher by Google, and people’s “stickiness” to the website is dramatically enhanced.

In Real Estate, no home should be listed without some video associated with it.  Think outside the box on what goes into your videos!  With the wand, your options are endless on what you can do. You are only limited by your imagination!

ACTION STEP-Time to Practice Selfie Love- you can click on Kevin to bring you to Amazon or check out eBay. There are many varieties now and prices continue to be low. You should consider your device size, whether you want a remote or one that has blue tooth built right in 



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