YouTube Marketing on Day 37 of 100 Days to BOLDness


It is Workout Wednesday of Google Week.

youtube marketing 100 days to BOLDnessLet’s shake up our workout routines by visiting YouTube and sampling one of the 132 million exercise videos! Never be bored in a workout again! I am getting ready for my Forever Fit Step Reunion and there are over 200,000 videos for choreography and pre-training! These exercise pros are also pros at YOUTUBE Marketing.

While you are in YouTube, please notice how...normal everyone looks. What are you waiting for? There are  100 hours of video uploaded every minute .  Video is enormous, and yes, Google owns YouTube. They purchased it in 2006 for $165 BILLION dollars. Google indexing on YouTube videos is almost immediate.  When I upload a video, Google alerts me to my key words almost immediately. YouTube Marketing must become a staple of your marketing efforts.

To maximize your “google juice”, upload with a title and description. Once uploaded, add annotations such as a title, your key words and at the end, your call to action and contact information  Remember, Google robots can not “see” anything, they read what you tell them about it.  Incidentally, this means you receive the same google indexing whether you are beautiful and amazing or not.

ACTION STEP: There is an old saying, “Done  is better than good.” Just DO it! YouTube Marketing is that easy.

Sign on to YouTube, start a channel with your brand and/or name, and get videoing! I started a new channel that you really must subscribe to! You can upload videolicious, or videos from your iphone, iPad, camera . Use your selfie wand for better quality! Let us know if we can help!

Oh, and… Pick an exercise video a day for one whole week  Until next Workout Wednesday!


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