Eli and Rylan
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Rochester Memorial Day Boat Race Winners

River racers row against rain, Goyette, MacGregor take overall win

By Georgia Sparling | May 30, 2016

Photo by: Georgia SparlingJake Goyette and Ian MacGregor unseated three-time winners Dan Lawrence and William Watling III.

ROCHESTER — The on again, off again torrential downpour on Monday didn’t deter competitors in the Rochester Memorial Day Boat Race. It may even have helped them along.

Monday race saw several boats shaving minutes off of last year’s times, and two new champions.

“We’ve had nothing for water. The river was wicked low,” said Ian MacGregor of his practices leading up to the race with partner Jake Goyette. “Now…you have tons of water, it’s like night and day.”

MacGregor a Rochester native who now lives in Acushnet and Goyette, a Rochester resident, took home the overall first place prize, unseating three-time winners Dan Lawrence and William Watling III.

MacGregor and Goyette, in boat 6, finished with a time of 1:52:14, more than two minutes ahead of the reigning champs.

The win comes after narrowing the gap between themselves and Lawrence and Watling in the past several years.

The timed race, which begins at Grandma Hartley’s Pond in Rochester and ends at the Mattapoisett Herring Weir, is a tradition among many in the area and is plenty of friendly competition.

The guys in boat 6 were once competitors themselves, each rowing with their fathers. When their dads retired, the two teamed up and have rowed together for five years.

They said this year’s weather and water conditions took some expertise.

“You never know what’s going to happen,” said Goyette. “You had to know what you were doing.”

Still a little stunned by their victory, the guys weren’t sure what comes next for them.

Joked MacGregor, “Now what do we do? Do we retire?”

Lawrence and Watling came in second overall with 1:54:35 followed by Jay Lawrence and Andy Weigel in third with 1:55.

The race is sponsored by the Rochester Fire Department.

The race is always a favorite of BOLD Moves Real Estate and the MacGregor family.  They have been participating in the race for many years.   This year Eli, 12, and Rylan, 11, MacGregor won first place in the Junior Division.  It was Rylan’s first year and while Eli has participated for about 5 years, it’s always been with his Dad.  The boys did a great job despite the driving rain.

Other first place division winners included:

Alex and Lucy Milde-Co-Ed Division

C.J. Hedges V and C.J. Hedges IV- Parent-Child Division

Kasandra Gonet and Amanda Eldridge- Women’s Division

Rebecca Milde and Daphne Poirier- Girls Junior Division

Visit www.boldmovesrealestate.com for more local news and traditions as well as great listings.

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Rochester Memorial Day Boat Race


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Kate Lanagan MacGregor
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Kate Lanagan MacGregor on the Road

       Kate Lanagan MacGregor  Kate Lanagan MacGregor of Agent Rising Real Estate School and BOLD Moves Real Estate has been on the road!  Kate has recently held real estate training at Northeast Association of REALTORS® and also REALTOR ®  Association of Southeastern Mass on various topics, including Webutation, Gratitude Marketing, Contract Law and Paperless Transactions.  In Kate’s words, “My goal is to help as many REALTORS®  as possible to enhance the professionalism with the tools that I have learned.  The water in the “ocean” elevates all boats, and my passion is to elevate the ocean for all Realtor friends.  In doing so, we will better serve all of our communities and help with their real estate

Kate is pictured here with Linda Kody, the President of Northeast Association of REALTORS® and former Educator of the Year.

            Besides all this, Kate still earned the distinction of Tops in Listings for the month of April at BOLD Moves Real Estate.  The saying goes, “If you’d like something done, ask a busy person.  Kate is always available to help her fellow realtors.  She can be reached at



Also visit www.boldmovesrealestate.com  for great real estate property and REALTORS®

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realtors conference
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Northeast Association of Realtors Conference and Expo

Kate at expo

The Northeast Association of Realtors Conference and Expo was held last Wednesday, May 4th at the Radisson Hotel in Chelmsford, MA.  This conference is designed for realtors with tips and strategies to get the most return out of your investment.  The conference was packed with informative sessions and incredible speakers from local companies.

Kate Lanagan MacGregor from BOLD Moves Real Estate, Beyond BOLD Media and Agent Rising Real Estate School was one of the scheduled speakers.  BOLDIES from BOLD Moves Real Estate were in attendance to listen to Kate’s informative sessions:

What’s Your Webutation?   Discovering your online reputation and using tools to create and support the webutation you’d like to portray online.  The tools include Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Google+, You Tube, Periscope, Instagram and Snap Chat.

Gratitude Marketing.  As high tech as Kate is, she still believes in balancing technology with high touch marketing.  This means personal heartfelt,  hand written notes to people you interact with on a daily basis.  She shows how to create a marketing system and get into the habit of a handwritten note a day in her BOLD Day Challenge.

The conference made for a great day of real estate learning and interacting with fellow real estate agents and all the people involved in the industry.

Visit www.agentrising.com for more real estate learning tips or enroll in Agent Rising Real Estate School and start a new career as a real estate agent.

Visit www.boldmovesrealestate.com for more real estate news and properties.

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Realtors conference



Susan Gorden Ryan
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BOLD Moves Real Estate Introduces Susan Gorden Ryan

Susan Gorden RyanMeet Susan Gorden Ryan, one of the newest agents at BOLD Moves Real Estate.

Susan is a 25+ year veteran leader and change agent with a track record for instilling customer service excellence, delivering value-added solutions, facilitating sales, and championing transformational thinking to meet the needs of her customers given the dynamic nature of the marketplace.  She has a collaborative and facilitative leadership style combined with a compassion for helping others.

Susan’s experience is grounded in a progressive career at one of the world’s leading financial services institutions.  After graduating from the University of New Hampshire, she embarked on her professional endeavor through jumping into a role as an international full service account controller.  Her meticulous diligence resulted in advancements to facilitate the establishment of global operating training, workforce engagement, community outreach, risk management, and sales enablement practices.  The driving premise was always based on understanding the needs of the client and aligning those needs with the capabilites of the corporation.

Prior to retiring from corportate life, Susan’s role included training and developing a highly skilled team of executives, collectively dedicated to the greater good of servicing  clients.  These are key competences for navigating  the intricacies associated with real estate transactions.

Susan is a mother, daughter, sister, friend, professional, horsewoman, and an intermittent amateur plumber, landscaper, taxi driver, bank, veterinarian, voice of reason, among other capabilities.  She lives in Mattapoisett with her family which includes several two-legged  and four-legged inhabitants.  Susan was brought up on the shores of Mattapoisett and both of her two boys were raised in the Old Rochester Regional School system, with her oldest now a freshman at UCONN and her youngest, an aspiring pianist.

Susan can be reached at :  508-208-1927

or Susan@boldrealtors.com

Visit www.katelanaganmacgregor.com

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Agent Rising Real Estate School
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New Classes Starting at Agent Rising Real Estate School

Agent Rising Real Estate SchoolAre you new to Real Estate and need to get your Real Estate License? 

 Visit the Agent Rising Real Estate School school to experience the most convenient and flexible school available. Workshops, and independent learning at our BOLD Welcome Center can help you create the perfect schedule and learning opportunities. We are also creating many exciting videos and online programs to facilitate your learning process! We make use of IPad, Video, Power Point, Audio, Hands On, Flash Cards, and other learning tools to fit your learning style and ensure your success!

We also invite you to total immersion by being part of the BOLD Moves Real Estate culture, joining us for Sales Meetings, and working your independent learning hours in the hub of activity. Start your business building from day 1! See first hand what it feels like to be in this amazing profession!

Agent Rising Real Estate School will be starting new classes on Monday, April 4th, 6-8 pm.  Don’t miss out on starting your new real estate career.    There is still time to enroll.  Classes are flexible.  Call Marie today to save your seat and see how a real estate career can work for you.

Visit www.agentrising.com or call Marie at 508-997-8844

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Dawn Devlin
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Meet Dawn Devlin, Newest Agent at BOLD Moves Real Estate

Dawn DevlinMeet BOLD Moves Real Estate’s Newest Agent, Dawn Devlin.

The relationship between a home buyer or seller and their agent is based on trust, shared goals and understanding. I strive to continually improve and to do this I listen and take your needs and wants into consideration.

I am a member of MAR, NAR and MLSpin. I am also W.H.A.L.E certified as a Historic Home Specialist and E-Pro certified. One of the things I am doing in this ever changing market is aggressively pursuing business from the internet. Along with reaching buyers and sellers I am always searching for new and innovated ways to help buyers and sellers fulfill their dreams.

I work with buyers and sellers and develop long lasting relationships. Along with using the internet I will use all avenues such as attending seminars, mailings, ad print in all local papers and advertising in selected magazines to make your real estate experience the best it can be.

I reside in the seaside town of Fairhaven with my husband. I hold a degree in accounting and computer science. I have been a Realtor for many years and I am an active member in my community.

I am also looking forward to beginning my career as a licensed real estate instructor.  Past involvements as School Council Member, Technology Council, Finance Committee member,  along with coaching softball, soccer and being a dance mom have enabled me to gain the respect and trust within the community.
My family and I are avid sailors and I look forward to helping you chart your course for all your real estate needs.

I’d love to hear from you!


Phone/Text 508-287-5291



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nama and ty

What is LOVE? Family Style

my mother is love

GreatGrandmotherly Love!

What is love? Today, I see love manifested when I see my mother. My mother had a stroke last year that left her with aphasia.

Aphasia in this instance means that sometimes she understands your words, sometimes she doesn’t. Sometimes you can understand her words, and sometimes you cannot. So, without the language of words to count on for communication, we communicate in other ways.

My mother, Geraldine (now called “Nama”) had seven children in pretty rapid succession. She is married to a high football coach, and she was a nurse. While we were rich in love, we had very little in the way of material items. My dad worked odd jobs. My mom had no car, and would work the 11-7 shift at a nursing home that she could walk to. Often, she would lug laundry that we couldn’t keep up at home to wash as she worked. She gave all to her family… –Keep on Reading!

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day

Happy VD Day 2016smallValentine’s Day is right around the corner and there are some great ways to show your clients how much you appreciate their business.

Valentine cards are always a great idea to show your love.  There are some great ones in the stores or even making your own out of construction paper  and lace.

How about some candy hearts with your business card attached with a colorful ribbon.

Everyone loves candy, so a tiny valentine heart with a couple of chocolates is a great treat for your clients and won’t break the bank.

Flowers are a great idea or even some homemade treats in a festive Valentine basket or bag.

We always think of sending out pop-bys during the holidays but Valentine’s Day can be an unexpected gift for your clients to show how much you appreciate their business and referrals.

BOLD Moves Real Estate is appreciative of all its clients.  Visit www.boldmovesrealestate to check out some great listings and see how our new virtual tours can help your home sell faster.

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Thank you for visiting my website KateLanaganMacGregor.com.

This website serves as my hub for the business enterprises that I have been fortunate enough to be part of launching. My mission to you is to SHINE. on you in my unique way. It embodies my approach to leadership and creativity.

SHINE with Kate Lanagan MacGregor




The systems we as a team utilize are the 10 Strategies of Success. Some ways that I can help you are our One Day Branding Intensive, Real Estate Instructing, Presenting,  and Speaking, and The BOLD Day Challenge.

Please browse and click your way through our sites, and let me know how we can SHINE on you. Whether with online tools or in person for a one day intensive,let’s make your day bolder and brighter with SHINE.

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Upstream, NAR, and YOU- the Real Estate Professional

Upstream is an initiative promoted by National Association of REALTORS® to modify the flow of information in Real Estate.

I first heard of Upstream at the National Association of REALTORS® Conference, when I attended my Data Strategies Committee meeting two (or three?) years ago.  My takeaway that day was that there is enormous amounts of data being collected, and as Realtors, NAR is in a position to ascertain quality information, and intends to be the gatekeepers of the ‘big data’. It was almost as if “the train has left the station, let’s see if we can’t be the conductor on this train!” NAR allocated a sum of money to investigate possibilities. While I thought it seemed like a tremendous amount of money, those who ‘knew better’ reassured me that it was a drop in the bucket for NAR, this is not a serious game changer.

However, my thoughts of how this would effect agency, compensation, communication, and how I train budding Realtor Professionals was changing. I felt I needed to prepare them for possible changes. I incorporated the YouTube video on Upstream and RPR and began using their diagrams.

Currently, NAR is interviewing candidates for the CEO position of NAR. Brad Inman wrote a thought provoking blog on this, and his ideas of who that may be. To me, this meant that this is serious…. Upstream is on it’s way.

We at Agent Rising Real Estate School and Training Center are poising to launch our “Constantly Evolving Continuing Education” series for Online Education. “Online, On Point, and On Topic”. With our video/online series, we will be addressing issues like Upstream, Pocket Listings, Coming Soon and more.


Call me, Kate Lanagan MacGregor to discuss this HOT TOPIC!

We desire to be your source of the source for Real Estate Professionalism!